48000 Jobs Lost as Unemployment Rises

48000 jobs have been shed between the last quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of this year. Even more worrying is that employment decreased by 58,000 between January and March, compared to the same period last year. The biggest job losses were in trade, business and community services as well as manufacturing, but employment increased in construction and mining. Gross earnings are also down more than 3% quarter on quarter.

Source : https://goo.gl/J58HVU

Namibia And Zim Ban SA Chickens

Agricultural economists have warned the nationwide ban on live poultry could have a negative effect if the spread of the H5N8 virus is not contained. Paul Makube, senior agricultural economist at FNB, said the ban would hit a sector that has been under pressure for some time. “South Africa still exports chicken but we do so in small quantities. In terms of the ban, yes it will affect us; some countries will impose a ban on imports from South Africa, the latest being Zimbabwe and Namibia,” said Makube.

Source : https://goo.gl/9VTng4

What You Need To Know Of Global Cyberattack

A massive ransomware attack has hit businesses around the world, causing major companies to shut down their computer systems. Researchers are still investigating the software behind the attack, warning that it’s more sophisticated than the WannaCry worm that struck hundreds of thousands of computers across the globe last month. The ransomware infects computers and locks down their hard drives. It demands a $300 ransom in the anonymous digital currency Bitcoin. The email account associated with the ransomware has been blocked, so even if victims pay, they won’t get their files back.

Source : https://goo.gl/5dtW38

Google Hit With Record Fine

The European Union has handed Google a record-breaking €2.42bn (£2.14bn) fine for abusing its dominance of the search engine market in building its online shopping service, in a dramatic decision that has far-reaching implications for the company. By artificially and illegally promoting its own price comparison service in searches, Google denied both its consumers real choice and rival firms the ability to compete on a level playing field, European regulators said.

Source : https://goo.gl/PA5aPY

Facebook Reaches 2 Billion Monthly Users

Facebook, the world’s largest social media website, has announced that there are now two billion people connecting and building communities on its platform every month. Additionally, more than 175 million people share “love”, and on average, over 800 million people “like” something on Facebook. The social media giant said more than one billion people use its “Groups” feature every month.

Source : https://goo.gl/8QGe9X

OUTA To Hand Over Zuma Dosier To Parliament

The civil society group Outa says it has unearthed enough evidence for President Jacob Zuma’s removal. The dossier‚ titled “No room to hide: A President caught in the act”‚ apparently sets out a “compelling case showing there is no doubt about the truth of the claims of state capture”. Outa hopes to give every MP a copy of its dossier‚ and copies would also go to the ANC national executive committee‚ the Hawks‚ the police minister‚ the National Prosecuting Authority and the public protector.

Source : https://goo.gl/2oTBae

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